Stainless steel shiny tubes are widely used in various industries.

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With the rapid development of industry, stainless steel light pipe also followed the development of industry to meet the development needs of various industries. Today's small make-up takes you to understand the wide application of stainless steel light tubes in various industries.

1, water supply and drainage pipes, irrigation system.

Water supply and drainage pipeline project is the pipe (channel) system engineering of transportation and distribution of industrial water supply, drinking water, collection, transportation and discharge of industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and rainwater.

Project investment accounts for the majority of total project investment. Irrigation system is an important part of agricultural water use. The chemical and chemical properties of stainless steel shiny tubes meet the requirements of modern agricultural water treatment.

2, straight drinking water pipe.

With the gradual improvement of people's drinking water quality requirements, urban systems adopt different water quality water supply methods. Water purification stations are set up in residential areas (hotels, office buildings) and parks to deeply purify tap water.

At the same time, the use of stainless steel light pipe to establish a separate cycle pipe network, purified high-quality water through stainless steel light pipe directly to the user's home (or rooms, offices), for people to drink directly, to avoid secondary "water pollution."

3, fire pipe.

Stainless steel fire pipe system is a kind of fixed fire-fighting facility which is widely used in China.

After the automatic alarm mechanism is activated, the automatic sprinkler system can extinguish the fire automatically by static pressure of stainless steel light pipe, and work with other fire-fighting facilities to effectively control and put out the initial fire and reduce the fire safety risk.

4, petrochemical.

The petrochemical industry involves corrosive fluids such as acids, alkalis and salts. Stainless steel shiny pipe because of its material properties, with corrosion-resistant, antioxidant characteristics.

The fluid is protected from contamination and the pipes are not corroded. Mainly used for heating pipes and heat exchange pipes, cooler tubes, tower tubes, hydrogenation device process pipes, methanol synthesis device synthetic reactor tube, ethylene device catalyst regenerative cooler tube.

Stainless steel light pipe.

5, urban heating.

Most of the underwater heating used in urban heating is water heating. However, as far as the quality of life is concerned, heating has always been concentrated in our country. However, due to pipe laying and other reasons, the temperature between the building rooms is uneven, coupled with the heating cycle and heating temperature standards are low, the system is unbalanced, the heating function is single, can not meet the modern residents of heating and heating comfort increasing requirements.

6, electricity.

Electricity is the foundation of national economic development, national economy and people's livelihood. The inner wall of the stainless steel shiny tube has little resistance and good water resistance. After solid soluble treatment, the material and substrate's physical properties and anti-corrosion properties are basically the same, the performance is excellent. Mainly used in heaters, boilers, heat exchangers and condensers.

7, decoration.

Modern life pays attention to fashion and taste. Stainless steel decorative tube products because of its strong metal texture, unique taste, while the appearance of beautiful, low-cost, material safety and hygiene. Widely used in machinery, interior and exterior decoration.

8, other areas.

The above-mentioned industry applications, stainless steel light pipe is not limited to this, such as pulp delivery in the production process, wastewater discharge, most of the stainless steel light pipe.


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