Application of stainless steel light pipes in the petrochemical industry.

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Stainless steel, as a new environmental protection material, is widely used in petrochemical, furniture, electronics, catering and other industries. Now let's take you through the application of stainless steel shiny tubes in the petrochemical industry.

The petrochemical industry, including the fertilizer industry, has a high demand for stainless steel shiny tubes. The industry mainly uses stainless steel seamless steel pipe, grade and specifications have 304, 321, 316, 316L, etc., the outer diameter of about 18-yuan 610, wall thickness of about 6 mm-50 mm (generally choose more than 159 mm specifications of medium and low voltage conveyor pipe). Specific applications include: furnace tube, feeding tube, heat exchange tube and so on.

Stainless steel light pipe.

1, heat-resistant stainless steel light pipe: mainly used for heat exchange and liquid transport, the domestic market capacity of about 230,000 tons, high-end imports from abroad.

2, stainless steel oil casing: stainless steel non-magnetic drill collar, resistant to CO, CO2 and other oil field drilling casing. According to a rough statistical analysis, this stainless steel light pipe still needs to be imported.

In addition, large-diameter cracking furnace tubes and cryogenic conveyor tubes are potential markets for the petrochemical industry. Due to its special heat resistance, corrosion resistance requirements and equipment installation and maintenance difficulties, the equipment is required to have a long service life, mechanical properties and use performance need to be controlled by the material composition. Another potential market is stainless steel shiny tubes for the fertilizer industry, with major steel grades 316lmod and 2RE69.

Petrochemical industry as an important part of the chemical industry, including fertilizer, rubber, composition information and other production departments. Petrochemical industry is the basic industry of economic development, involving all aspects of the real economy. Of course, there are gasoline, kerosene, diesel and other transport fluids stainless steel light pipe and its export equipment, they have a strong corrosion resistance. Cast iron pipe, carbon steel pipe, plastic pipe, etc., can not be compared with it.


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