The stainless steel BA tube installation is compact.

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Electric water heater is mainly composed of heating tank plate, pressure sensor, power regulator, water main, in water in and out of water pipe and other components, of which the heating tank plate is the key component of instant electric water heater. The heating tank consists of a tank weight, a seal ring, a lid and an electrical heating element.

The electric heating element is located in the groove of the slot plate, which is also commonly referred to as the inner groove of a hot water heater. The water heater uses a stainless steel heating tube as a heating body. Cold water enters the water tank and is heated directly through the appearance of the stainless steel electric tube. Stainless steel electric tube is one of the most widely used heating methods in the electric water heater industry.

The 304 stainless steel tubes can be connected in a variety of ways. Common examples of pipe parts are compressed, compressed, live-joined, push-pushed, push-threaded, plug-in welded, live flange-connected, welded and welded in combination with traditional connections of derivative series connection. However, they are mostly convenient, robust and reliable. Seals or gaskets that meet national standards are mostly silicone rubber, green rubber and triethyl propylene rubber, which can avoid the user's worries.


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