Jiaxing Jcc Piping Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd. was established in February 2008, has passed ISO9001, API 6A and other certification. More than ten years has served the chemical, power, marine, offshore, automotive and automation, electronic semiconductors, biopharmaceuticals and other engineering fields, to provide customers with pipeline prefab, structural prefab, modular equipment manufacturing, non-standard equipment manufacturing services; Seamless welding pipe), stainless steel precision products (pipe parts, cavities, non-standard parts), precision stainless steel profiles, land/ocean platform drilling system high-pressure pipe and high-pressure pipe products; There are advanced technology, there are well-trained innovation team and technical workers to serve you, your problems can be left to us to solve.

The company uses efficient management and advanced production technology to control product quality and progress to meet customer needs. In particular, the development of welding technology and the management of welding quality can solve the welding process problems of special materials, such as bi-phase steel, high-strength low-alloy steel, aluminum-based alloy, nickel-based alloy. Welders have GB, ASME, AWS, EN/DIN and other relevant qualifications. In 2013, the company successfully developed mud, cement, test tube sink with 4130 materials of high-pressure pipe parts, access to the United States Class Society (ABS) certification. Service clean industry, the factory has a dust-free room, products can be clean cleaning, drying, dust-free packaging.

The plant is located on the north side of Hangzhou Bay, the "Gold Coast Belt", which is rich in development value in China, connecting Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, with Ningbo's Hangzhou Bay Bridge, which is convenient for transportation, close to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Ningbo, and is about 100km from all four cities;

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  Industrial field electronic semiconductors, biopharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, automation, oil and gas, energy and electricity, scientific research projects and other corporate culture "although the road is far, line to" enterprise vision for enterprise development, value creation for customers for the benefit of employees, for the society will contribute to the concept of "manufacturing sophisticated equipment, to provide satisfactory services" "Technical Corin - steel pipe products, both inside and outside"

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 Business advantage.

1. The introduction of a number of foreign advanced stainless steel processing technology, can prepare high-precision, high-clean, ultra-pure stainless steel materials, and supporting surface treatment technology.

2. Perfect process material traceability.

3. Turnover and inventory provide delivery guarantees.

4. Provide customized services to customers.

5. The company master a variety of materials welding process, stainless steel materials, aluminum alloy materials, low alloy steel materials, etc.

Core competency.

Research and development innovation, fine management, professional manufacturing, process traceability.

Core technology.

Stainless steel pipe oil pull technology, stainless steel pipe coating pull technology, electrolysis polishing technology, composite electrolysis polishing technology, precision welding technology.


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