Introduction to the price and advantages of stainless steel light pipes.

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Stainless steel light pipe is divided into stainless steel welding pipe, stainless steel seamless pipe, stainless steel seamless pipe, precision light pipe and ordinary industrial polishing pipe, different specifications, different prices.

The properties of stainless steel shiny tubes.

1, good corrosion resistance: bright refracing, bright stainless steel pipe surface will form a thin protective film. Although the protective film is × 10-6mm, it is very robust and tough. Even if damaged, as long as there is oxygen nearby, it can be regenerated immediately to prevent rust. Therefore, as long as the characteristics of bright stainless steel pipes are understood and used correctly, in the case of less corrosiveness, water pipes or hot water below 100 degrees C can be used without fear of rust, without worrying about the common "rust protrusion" in galvanized steel pipes resulting in reduced internal diameter or increased resistance, so as to obtain non-clogging water flow.

2, healthy and reliable, no need to worry about red water and green water phenomenon.

3, because of the light weight of stainless steel light pipe, easy to carry and construction, the cost is greatly reduced. Stainless steel shiny tubes have excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, and are only about one-third the thickness of galvanized steel pipes. As a result, the weight of the pipes is greatly reduced and the cost is reduced, making handling easier and installation easier.

Stainless steel light pipe.

Mechanical polishing.

1) Inner surface polishing (using an internal polishing machine): insert the polishing rod into the pipe, drive chiba or homemade sand belt wheel high-speed rotation, with the rotation of the steel pipe itself for polishing, at the same time slowly moving forward polishing rod. In general, the 60ᦇ-80ᦇ chiba or sand belt wheel is used for rough polishing, and then according to the requirements of finish gradually using high-precision finish. More than 6" large-diameter pipes generally use chiba wheel, small-caliber pipe can use domestic belt wheel, can reduce costs. If you feel that mechanical polishing is not bright enough, you can apply polishing paste appropriately to increase the brightness. Electropolishing is an anode for the work piece to be polished and an insoluble metal as the cathode. The poles are immersed in the electrolyte tank at the same time. Direct current is used to produce selective anode dissolution, which can improve the surface brightness of the work piece.


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