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Machining Equipments Auto-Flame Cutting Machine, Sheet Cutting Machine, Band Saw Machine, Bevelling Machine, Welding Machine, Welding Positioner, PWHT Equipment, Pipe Bend Machine, Plate Rolling Machine
Assembly & Welding Steel Structure, Vessel, Piping, Electrical Equipment, Instrument
Test and Inspection Equipment Tensile Testing Machine, Impact Tesing Machine, Metallographic, Analysis Instrument, Vickers Hardness Testing Machine, Brinell Hardness Testing Machine, Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine
Leakage Trial Hydrostatic Testing or Leakage Trial of Vessels
Product Delivery
Fabrication Process Material Inspection & Test, Pipe Cutting & Bevelling, Spool Fit up, Welding & NDE, Hydrostatic testing, Blasting & Painting (CS & AS), Acid cleaning & Passivation (SS), Delivery Packing
Material Tracing Mark Pen Marking, Stamp Marking, Material Tracing Record Welding Tracing Incoming projects are analyzed by skilled engineers in the design office. Detailed general arrangement drawings and spool drawings are generated through the use of Auto-CAD before the workflow is planned into the workshops.
Once spools are completed, all weld details are logged by our welding engineers with a percentage selected for x-ray to ensure integrity. All major projects are subject to full weld mapping, a copy of which is provided to the client upon completion, giving total assurance of finished quality.
Welding & Inspection
Machining Equipments Band Saw, Bevelling Machine, Welding Machine, Welding Positioner, PWHT Equipment, Bend Machine, Hydrostatic Test System
Forging Fittings Material: AISI 4130 75k
Design Pressure: Max.15000psi
Certificate by : ABS & DNVGL
Forgings Hot Forging + Heat Treatment + Machining + NDE
Material: CS, SS, AS
Max. OD: 6000mm
Max. Length: 13000mm
Pipe Bending Heat Bending
Material: CS, SS, AS
Bend Radius: Min. 1xOD,
Pipe Size:OD168.3mm ~ OD406.4mm
Cold Bending
Material: CS, SS, AS
Bend Radius: Min. 1xOD,
Pipe Size:OD6.35mm ~ OD168.3mm
Customization Products
Service Project Management
We booms a professional project management team to ensure the whole process from design, procurement, prefabrication, construction to installation and debugging runs smoothly. Focusing on the target of “Safety, Quality, Duration and Cost Control”, we coordinate all of working including project integrated management, scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resource management, communications management, risk management and procurement management.
Material Supply


Stainless Steel
Carbon Steels

Supply forgings, pipings, profiles, fittings and bars, but not limited to these

Welding Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel and Aluminum Alloy
Method: GTAW, SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, Automation welding techniques
Pipe Bending Cold bending: 2 times minimum bending radius, 6 inch (168.3mm) maximum pipe processing caliber.
Heated bending pipes: 1.5 times minimum bending radius,4 inch (609.9mm) pipe processing caliber.
Oil Flushing of the Hydraulic System Reference standard: ISO 4021, NAS 1638
The highest flushing level: NAS 5 grade
Hydrostatic Testing Reference standard: ASME B31.3
The highest testing pressure:300Mpa
Nondestructive Testing Testing standard:
ASME B31.3 Process piping
Testing item: VT、PT 、MT、UT、RT
AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Cod

a) Surface preparation
All cleaned surface shall be inspected visually for surface cleanness and anchor profile. The steel surface shall be clean, dry and free from dirt, scale, oil, oxide, rust and other contaminations. The inspector shall compare the surface with the degree of cleanliness specified in the painting scheme, based related standard.
All surfaces not meeting the degree of surface preparation specified shall be rejected and re-cleaned at Contractor’s expense.
Inspection shall be done within four hours after surface preparation.

b) Visual inspection
Upon completion of coating application, all coated surface shall be given a final inspection for coating visible defects: sagging, swelling, wrinkling, cracking, blistering, catering, impregnation with abrasive and/or foreign matter, peeling off, oxidation and/or corrosion, inclusion of hairs and pores. The coating shall be free of all foreign matter, blisters, runs, skips and other irregularities.

c) Inspection of adhesion
The purchaser shall require adhesion Pull - Off test. The absolute minimum value of the test results is 5MPa.

d) Inspection of dry film thickness
For paint film thickness there shall be taken 5 measurements per m2, the average thickness shall not be lower than the specified DFT for each layer. No individual measurements shall be below -20% of the specified DFT, and the maximum shall not exceed 2 times the specified DFT or the requirements in the Coating System Data Sheet (CSDS) from Coating manufacturer.

e) Inspection record
A complete record should be made for all the inspection operations, which including inspected parts and locations, inspected apparatus used, inspection time and the inspector, the problem found.

Hot-dip Galvanizing ASTM A123 Zinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Coatings On Iron and Steel Products
Table 1 Hot-dip galvanized coatings’ thickness requirements
Design For projects developing services and products, our company is equipped with a professional design team striving to provide excellent drawing design for our customers.
Through further analysis and design, we also can simplify the production process and enhance productivity as per customer's drawings.
Design Software:AutoCAD, Solidworks